Psychological services

We offer psychological services when you need support on matters related to behaviour, mental health, upbringing, and learning.

Here at the Disability Outpatient Clinic, our psychologist is available to assist you with concerns related to behaviour, upbringing, and learning.

You can engage in support discussions with our psychologist during fixed-term periods.

The psychologist is responsible for conducting psychological assessments, including evaluations of your cognitive abilities and social support requirements, as well as assisting with diagnoses.

Furthermore, the psychologist fulfils statutory special care responsibilities, akin to medical practitioners. They are actively involved in evaluating matters concerning the right to self-determination, the implementation of restrictive measures, and the necessity for involuntary special care.

You can access the service through the telephone counselling of the Disability Outpatient Clinic.

Our services are free of charge.

Service points

Disability Outpatient Clinic

Address: Sofianlehdonkatu 8, A-building, 00610 Helsinki