Functional capacity assessment and rehabilitation plan

We comprehensively assess your functional capacity, your ability to manage everyday life, and identify any specific support requirements you may have.

At the Disability Outpatient Clinic, our services encompass evaluating and planning your rehabilitation in collaboration with you, your family, and support workers. Additionally, we address and provide support for behavioural and mental health issues, as well as everyday challenges. We also oversee treatments related to mental health medications or epilepsy and can refer you to specialised healthcare if necessary.

Our assessments include evaluating your functional capacity and providing expert opinions. These opinions may extend to matters such as assistive devices, various forms of support and benefits, and readiness for school. When planning rehabilitation services, a functional capacity assessment and therapy need assessment are required. Based on these assessments, our doctors prepare their recommendations.

Our rehabilitation plans outline how we intend to support your functional capacity in your daily life. We create these plans during appointments at the Disability Outpatient Clinic, typically spanning one to three years.

To apply for rehabilitation, you are responsible for submitting your application to Kela, with the assistance of your family or a trusted representative if needed. Kela offers guidance and advice on the application process. Applications for demanding medical rehabilitation are made directly to Kela.

If Kela does not approve your rehabilitation request, you have the option to apply for medical rehabilitation through the City of Helsinki. In such cases, the referral is initiated by a therapist at the Disability Outpatient Clinic, with the criteria for medical rehabilitation determined by Hospital, Rehabilitation, and Care Services.

Most rehabilitation services are primarily delivered by private service providers.

More information about the initial assessment of service needs is available Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri 9.00-11.00 at +358 9 310 40400 (callback service if there is a queue).

We provide service in Swedish Tue and Thu 10.00-12.00 at +358 9 310 40401.

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