Haavikko Coaching Point

Haavikko Coaching Point provides fixed-term coaching for adult Helsinki residents with disabilities.

At Haavikko Coaching Point, we will plan your path forward into working life or studies together with you. We will create a work and day activity plan with you, in accordance with which you will take part in group-based activities and receive support for achieving your personal goals.

Our coaching is fixed-term. During the coaching period, we will support you in accordance with your interests and capabilities.

Intended for people with disabilities, our coaching point is located in Maunula by good transport connections. Our facilities are accessible and located on the first floor.
We have roughly 30 places for clients, and our staff are present at 8.00-16.00.

Contact information
Unit manager: Anne Rank, +358 9 310 38674
Executive supervisor: +358 9 310 73550
Social instructor: +358 9 310 73554

Contact information

Metsäpurontie 13 i, 00630 Helsinki Show accessibility information View location on service map

Valid for the time being:
- Mon-Fri 9.00-14.00

P.O. Box 6383, 00099 City of Helsinki

How long will the coaching last? 

The coaching period is fixed-term and primarily lasts two years. The duration of the coaching will depend on your resources and goals. We will also tailor the number of activity days to suit your needs. 

How will the activities affect my income? 

Attending is free of charge, but a fee is collected for meals. The coaching point will pay for your commuting. If you use public transport, you will be given an HSL travel card. If you need transport services, the activity centre will pay for them.

No salary is paid for the coaching period. 

Can I influence the programme of the coaching? 

The coaching provided by Haavikko Coaching Point consists of learning theoretical information and skills related to the following themes and putting them into practice:  

Support for applying for studies 

  • adopting new know-how 
  • communication and interaction  

Media and digital skills 

  • practising digital skills in an instructed environment 

Working life skills

  • working life skills and preparation for work  
  • adhering to working hours 
  • following instructions related to work tasks and working with care 
  • getting acquainted with various work tasks and workplaces 

Independent living skills 

  • acting in society     
  • self-knowledge and social skills     
  • everyday skills and readiness for independent living   
  • taking care of personal hygiene 
  • adhering to schedules 
  • leisure time    
  • physical activity and motor skills     
  • following a good exercise, eating and sleep rhythm 


  • documentation of the skills charted. 

What is everyday life at Haavikko Coaching Point like in practice? 

You will get to develop skills needed in working life and living independently and familiarise yourself with working life. Our coaching point is located in Maunula, but we also operate a lot outside the coaching point, so you will be practising independence skills in other learning environments as well.  

Our coaching is provided on weekdays at 9.00–14.30. The day programme of your group will start after a morning info assembly. We have lunch together at around 10.30. After lunch, we return to our groups.

We have a coffee break at around 14.00, after which we will assemble before the activities end to discuss the events of the day.  


We have nine instructors present every day. The instructors will take care of creating a day programme and the achievement of your goals.  

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Metsäpurontie 13 i, 00630 Helsinki
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The route to the main entrance

  • The pick-up and drop-off area is located in the vicinity of the entrance, giving easy access to the pavement.
  • The route to the entrance is smooth and sufficiently wide and illuminated.

The main entrance

  • The entrance stands out clearly and is illuminated. There is a canopy above the entrance.
  • The doors connected to the entrance stand out clearly. Outside the door there is sufficient room for moving e.g. with a wheelchair. The door requires the use of a buzzer and is heavy. The buzzer has a light signal.
  • The entrance has thresholds over 2 cm high.
  • The foyer is cramped.

The entrance "alternative entrance"

  • The entrance stands out clearly and is illuminated. There is a canopy above the entrance.
  • The doors connected to the entrance are hard to perceive. The door opens easily manually.
  • The entrance has thresholds over 2 cm high.
  • The foyer is cramped.

In the facility

  • The customer service point is located on the entrance floor.
  • The doors in the facility are hard to perceive.
  • The facility has an accessible toilet.