Work activities and employment support activities at the activity centres 

We extend our services to Helsinki residents with disabilities, providing a range of work activities and employment support initiatives.

Within our work activities and related programmes, you'll have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the dynamics of working life and acquire a diverse set of skills essential for various career paths. Together, we focus on cultivating a solid understanding of the rules governing the workplace, while also exploring suitable career options tailored to your unique abilities and interests.

Participation in work activities typically occurs at our activity centres, and there is no cost associated with participation. However, meals are subject to a charge.

We take care of your commuting expenses, providing an HSL travel card for public transport. For those in need of specialised transport services, the activity centre will cover the cost.

Moreover, employment support activities can be arranged at regular workplaces or as subcontracting work, with participants receiving a modest compensation.

To apply for our work activities, please utilise the disability service application form. Submit the completed form to the Social Work for People with Disabilities service point in your residential area. For individuals whose mother tongue is Swedish, please direct your application to the Kallio Family Centre.

Photo: Pertti Nisonen
Photo: Pertti Nisonen

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Work activities are designed for individuals who possess a relatively high level of independence, enabling them to carry out assigned work tasks and adhere to various work-related regulations, including operating hours. 

A work activity place is applied for using the disability service application form.  

See the instructions for applying for disability services 

If you receive a positive decision, we will select you a suitable work activity location from the city’s own housing units or the city’s purchased services units.  

When work activities begin, an individual implementation plan is prepared with you, in which we record your goals and the means to achieve them. 

These locations provide a diverse range of work tasks, encompassing activities like cleaning, meal services, environmental care, media skills, and manual skills. 

No salary is paid for work activities at the locations, but modified work allows you to earn additional income. To ensure that your overall income remains unaffected, we will collaborate with you to create an income statement, factoring in your existing benefits, thus guaranteeing that your income level is not reduced.  

Learn more about modified work in work activities 

Participation in work activities is free of charge, but meals are subject to a charge. The activity centre pays for your commute. If you travel by public transport, you will receive an HSL travel card. If you need transport services, the unit will pay for them. 

The work activities can last for months or years, depending on your resources and goals. The number and length of your activity days are also tailored to suit your needs. 

We provide you with a variety of guidance and support throughout your work activities. Support measures include: 

  • support in interactions, including alternative methods of communication 

  • support in learning life management skills and their maintenance 

  • your individual implementation plan 

  • coaching and support in applying for studies and finding employment. 

You can contact Job Coaching by calling +358 9 310 77386(Link starts a phone call). You can also send a text message to the number. 

The address of Job Coaching is Säästöpankinranta 2 A, 4th floor. 

Read more about job coaching 

Service points

Activity centre Cäpsä

Address: Untamontie 11, 00610 Helsinki

Haavikko Coaching Point

Address: Metsäpurontie 13 i, 00630 Helsinki

Treklangens servicepunkt

Address: Konalantie 47, 00390 Helsinki

Töölö Work Activities Unit

Address: Väinämöisenkatu 27, 00100 Helsinki

Vallila Employment and Training Centre

Address: Kumpulantie 1, 00520 Helsinki