Octavens verksamhetscenter

We provide day activities that promote participation for Swedish-speaking adults with disabilities. Our unit is fully accessible.

At Octavens verksamhetscenter, the aim of our activities is to maintain and foster our clients' abilities needed in everyday activities and strengthen their positive self-image and effective interaction.

Our day activities are based on participation and doing things together.

The activities are divided into six different groups, in which we do and experience different things together.
We are located in a peaceful residential area in Metsälä, from which there are good transport connections to all over the city.

Our unit is fully accessible.

Our day activities are open at 8.00-16.00.

Contact information:

Unit manager: Pamela Sidorow, +358 44 358 1102 / +358 9 310 57 871

Handicrafts group: +358 50 315 4886
Manual skills group: +358 50 315 4887
Calm group: +358 50 315 4888
Multi-activity group: +358 50 315 4890
Apprenticeship group: +358 44 4581 787
Experience group: +358 50 315 4889

Contact information

Puusuutarintie 19, 00620 Helsinki View location on service map
Finnish, Swedish
P.O. Box 62719, 00099 City of Helsinki

Duration of the day activities 

The daily duration of the day activities will depend on your wishes, strengths and goals. We can also tailor the number of days per week to suit your needs. 

How much do the day activities cost? 

The activities themselves are free of charge, but you must pay for lunch yourself. The day activity unit will take care of Helsinki residents’ transport costs. If you live in Helsinki and use public transport, you will be provided with an HSL card for your transport. If you are a Helsinki resident and need transport services, the service unit will pay for them. 

What kinds of activities does Octaven provide? 

The activities are provided primarily in groups; some groups craft small items for sale, while others focus on sensory stimulation and various experiences. 

In addition to the group activities, we have activities shared by the entire unit, such as music sessions, movie screenings and celebrations. 

In the morning, each group has a work shift that usually starts with a morning meeting. Lunch and coffee are served at 11.00–12.00. After lunch and coffee, the group gathers again for afternoon activities. 

Participants go home in a staggered manner, starting roughly at 14.00.  Octaven is open on weekdays at 8.00–16.00. We have a break in July, and we are usually closed for a week during Christmas. Apart from these breaks, we operate all year round. 

Can I influence the content of the daily activities? 

We will plan the activities for the day together with you and your loved ones. This involves planning your personal goals as well. 

The weekly day activity programme is influenced by our clients’ wishes and functional capacity. You are welcome to propose activities that interest you. 


There are nine staff members working at Octaven. Each group has a designated instructor, and some groups have two. 

In addition to our permanent staff, we also have apprenticeship workers and trainees from different schools. 

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Puusuutarintie 19, 00620 Helsinki
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