Treklangens servicepunkt

We provide work activities, day activities and job coaching for adults with disabilities. We operate in Swedish.

Our Swedish-language activities in Treklangens servicepunkt's work and day activities include three work activity groups and two day activity groups. We also have a job coach who helps clients with applying for jobs in the labour market.

We have roughly 65 places for clients. Our activities are both group-based and individualised. The aim of our activities is to develop and maintain our clients' everyday life skills and strengthen their positive self-image and efficient interaction.

Our activities are provided on weekdays at 8.00-16.00.

Contact information
Unit manager: Cherie Lundström, +358 41 731 5032,
Subcontracting group: +358 50 315 4881
Handicraft group 1: +358 50 315 4882
Handicraft group 2: +358 50 315 4884
Multi-activity group: +358 44 758 1396
Structured group: +358 44 263 7861
Structured group: +358 46 920 0596
Job coach: Nina Salin, +358 50 516 6517

Contact information

Konalantie 47, 00390 Helsinki View location on service map
P.O. Box 39747, 00099 City of Helsinki

How long do the activities last? 

The duration of the activities will depend on your resources and goals. We will also tailor the number and duration of the activity days to suit your needs.

How much do the activities cost and how will the work activities affect my income? 

Taking part in the day and work activities is free of charge, but a fee is collected for meals. The activity centre will pay for your commuting. If you use public transport, you will be given an HSL travel card. If you need transport services, the activity centre will pay for them. 

No salary is paid for the work activities.

What is everyday life at Treklangen like in practice?  

We are open on weekdays at 8.00–16.00. We start the day with breakfast and then move on to the individualised day programme. Lunch time varies slightly depending on the group. We usually have lunch between 10.30 and 11.30 at Restaurant Rosmariini, which is located in the same building. After lunch, we have a coffee break and then continue with the programme for the day.  

Can I influence the activity programme?  

We will create a personal activity plan together with you to suit your goals. We provide both activities that strengthen life skills and working life oriented activities. 
Examples of activities that support life skills:  
•    Taking care of hygiene  
•    Adhering to schedules  
•    Maintaining healthy exercise, meal and sleep routines  
•    Social skills  

Examples of working life oriented skills:  
•    Adhering to working hours 
•    Following different instructions related to work tasks and being careful 
•    Familiarisation with different work tasks and workplaces  

At Treklangen, we practice working life skills in three different groups: 
•    Handicraft group 1 
•    Handicraft group 2 
•    Subcontracting group 
In addition to work activities, we also have day activity groups. 


Our staff consists of 15 instructors, one job coach and three drivers. 

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Konalantie 47, 00390 Helsinki
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