Coaching courses for informal caregivers

Informal caregivers of individuals with disabilities in Helsinki have the opportunity to attend coaching to support them in their caregiving role. As a new informal caregiver, you will receive an invitation to attend our coaching courses.

We organise coaching courses specifically designed for new informal caregivers providing care to individuals with disabilities in Helsinki or those with serious illnesses. During these coaching courses, we cover a diverse range of topics, including information on support services available to informal caregivers, such as the caregiver’s statutory leave days and guidance on how to utilise them effectively. We also feature guest speakers from various organisations who share insights into their activities and provide valuable peer support.

Our coaching courses are designed to provide practical assistance to informal caregivers, helping them manage their responsibilities with greater ease and fostering a supportive community of peers.

We are dedicated to continually enhancing the quality of our coaching courses, and we actively seek feedback from participants to make necessary improvements.

For more information about our coaching courses, please contact your localinformal care support worker.

See the contact information for informal care support workers

You can also find information about upcoming coaching courses for informal caregivers through Counselling for People with Disabilities.

See the contact information for Counselling for People with Disabilities

New informal caregivers will receive an invitation to join our coaching courses.The invitation will include detailed information regarding the course content.