Work activities at work centres and non-institutional work activity locations

In work activities, you contribute according to your abilities and resources, either at dedicated work centres or at non-institutional work activity locations.

Work activities and employment support activities are specifically tailored to assist Helsinki residents between the ages of 18 and 65 who require specialised assistance in securing employment or participating in work activities to maintain their functional capacity due to a disability, illness or other reasons. You have to receive disability pension or rehabilitation support to access these services.

Work activities are conducted at various locations, including City of Helsinki's own work centres, non-institutional work activity locations, and external units selected by the city. Participants in these activities receive a work activity allowance.

To apply for work activities, please schedule an appointment at the Social Rehabilitation service point.

The service is free of charge to the client.

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Here you can find more information on work activities

Work activities cater to individuals with disabilities and those with partial work abilities who require specialised support to either preserve their work capability or facilitate their entry into the job market. 

If you're uncertain about whether work activities align with your needs and objectives, talk to your social worker. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Social Rehabilitation service point to schedule an appointment for further discussion and assessment of your suitability for these activities. 

Appointment booking is available on Tuesdays and Fridays 9.00–11.00 at +358 9 310 73392(Link starts a phone call)

We offer a diverse array of employment opportunities, encompassing roles such as cleaning, culinary tasks, manual skill-based jobs, and positions within the environmental sector. You have the flexibility to work either at one of our designated work centres or alongside non-institutional work activity teams within the public sector. Additionally, activities are also coordinated in external units selected by the city. 

In Helsinki, there are three dedicated work centres: Uusix Workshop in Suvilahti, Uusix Workshop in Kyläsaari, and Pakila Work Centre. 

Within the non-institutional work activities, there are three distinct teams: the building and property team, the nature and environment team, and the home care team. 

For more detailed information about specific tasks and opportunities, please refer to the websites of the Non-institutional Work Activities, Pakila Work Centre, and Uusix Workshops, accessible through the links provided at the bottom of this page. 

The external units selected by the City of Helsinki are: 

The work activities can last for months or years, depending on your resources.  

You can participate in work activities on 1–5 days a week and the duration of your working day is 4–6 hours.  

During work activities, you are entitled to receive a disability pension, rehabilitation support or income support as usual. You will also receive work activity allowance for your participation. 

At the city’s own locations, you will receive a work activity allowance of EUR 6/8 per day, an HSL travel card and a hot meal or lunch benefit and coffee.  

At external work centres, i.e. at purchased services locations, you will receive a work activity allowance of EUR 8/12 per day and coffee.  

We provide you with a variety of guidance and support throughout your work activities. Support measures include: 

  • assessment of your working and functional capacity and working life skills 

  • guidance in the use of health and rehabilitation services and in applying for social security benefits 

  • job coaching and support in finding employment. 

Service points

Office for Non-institutional Work Activities

Address: Hopeatie 6, 5. floor, 00440 Helsinki

Pakila Work Centre

Address: Jakokunnantie 26-28, 00660 Helsinki

Social rehabilitation

Address: Hopeatie 6, 00440 Helsinki

Uusix workshops, Kyläsaari

Address: Kyläsaarenkatu 8, 00580 Helsinki

Uusix workshops, Suvilahti

Address: Suvilahdenkatu 10 A, 00500 Helsinki