Social guidance for housing services

Social instructors can assist you in various aspects of your life, including financial matters.

Social instructors can assist you in various aspects of your life, including financial matters.

In the case of disability work, these dedicated professionals offer valuable support and guidance in numerous practical everyday concerns. Their assistance encompasses a wide range of tasks, such as:

Financial matters: Helping you with applications, rent-related issues, managing invoices, and establishing contact with a trustee if necessary.

Official matters and errands: Assisting you in navigating official paperwork and handling various errands efficiently.

Daily schedule planning: Aiding in organising your daily routine, making effective use of calendars to stay on top of commitments.

Service applications: Guiding you through the application processes for work and day activities, personal assistance, home care, or pursuing educational opportunities.

It's essential to note that social instructors do not have responsibilities related to medical treatment or care procedures.

To access social guidance through a disability work social worker, you'll need to undergo an assessment meeting, during which your eligibility for these services will be determined. Subsequently, a client plan will be developed for you, and your appointments will be documented in the client information system.

Our services are provided on a fixed-term basis, and while participation is voluntary, we encourage a high level of commitment. Our overarching objective is to enhance your self-reliance and overall well-being.

We offer our services during office hours Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00.

Our services are free of charge to you.

Contact information:

Unit manager Jarmo-Ahti Karppinen
09 31073987

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Service point for Social Guidance for Housing Services

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