Service housing

Service housing offers an ideal solution when you require care and attention only during parts of the day.

Service housing is a good option when, despite receiving in-home services, you find it challenging to continue living in your own home while maintaining your well-being. Our primary goal is to ensure your safety and enable you to fully enjoy life through our service housing.

Service housing involves residing in a designated apartment within a service housing community, where you receive a range of services, including caregiving and meal assistance. We offer service housing in various settings, such as service housing groups, group homes, housing groups, and through purchased service units. Additionally, you have the option to apply for service housing using a service voucher.

In the context of service housing, you will be responsible for covering the rent, apartment maintenance fees, and other daily living expenses, including medications and other necessary medical care services. Importantly, the assistance and support essential for addressing your disabilities are provided to you free of charge.

For further details about service housing or to initiate the application process, please get in touch with Counselling for People with Disabilities or your designated worker. Applications for housing services are processed through the disability service application form, ensuring a streamlined process for your convenience.

How do I apply for service housing? 

Housing service is applied for using the disability service application form.

See the instructions for applying for housing service

If you receive a positive decision, we will select you a suitable place to live from the city’s own housing units or the city’s purchased services units. Alternatively, you can also purchase service housing with a service voucher.

How can I learn more about the service housing places?

You can explore the places in the following ways:

  1. You can find the housing units of the City of Helsinki under the header Service Places provided below.
  2. You can find links to the housing services of the city’s purchased services units under the header Housing services of the purchased services units.
  3. You can explore the places available with service vouchers by using the service provider search at Select “Helsingin sosiaali-, terveys- ja pelastustoimi” (Helsinki Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services) as the grantor of the service and “Vammaispalvelulain mukainen palveluasuminen” (Service housing pursuant to the Disability Services Act) as the service.

Go to the service provider search at leads to external service)

Service points

32 service points

Andelslagsvägens grupphem

Address: Osuuskunnantie 78a, 00660 Helsinki

Aura group home

Address: Metsänhoitajankatu 4, 00790 Helsinki

Aurinkolahti Group Home

Address: Ivan Falinin kuja 3, 00990 Helsinki

Fallkulla Housing Group

Address: Jokipoikasenkaari 3, 00730 Helsinki

Fallpakka Group Home

Address: Fallpakantie 4 A-house, 00970 Helsinki

Haakoninlahti Housing Group

Address: Haakoninlahdenkatu 3 D, 00590 Helsinki

Hampurinkuja Housing Group and transitional apartments

Address: Hampurinkuja 1 C, 00220 Helsinki

Hermanni Group Home

Address: Haukilahdenkuja 15 A 1, 00580 Helsinki