Job coaching

We are here to assist you in finding employment and provide dedicated support throughout your work journey.

Our comprehensive services include individualized job coaching, starting with an initial assessment to identify your skills and support requirements. Following this assessment, we collaborate with you to explore suitable job opportunities, offer assistance in crafting job applications, and, when necessary, accompany you to job interviews. 

Once you've secured a new job, our job coaching continues to adapt to your specific needs. We also extend our support to your employer, aiding them in matters related to your employment, such as applying for pay subsidies. 

The ultimate goal of our job coaching service is to facilitate your successful transition into full-time or part-time employment. 

Our services are specifically tailored for residents of Helsinki aged 18 and above who are clients of Social Work for People with Disabilities. The process begins with a service needs assessment, attended by both you and our Social Work and Assisted Employment Service professionals. During this assessment, we place particular emphasis on your attitude and motivation towards employment, ensuring that our support aligns with your aspirations. 

You can contact us by phone, tel. +358931077386(Link starts a phone call) 

Our address is Säästöpankinranta 2 A, 4th floor.  

When you come to see us, press the 4th floor door buzzer next to the entrance door. 

The doorman will let you take the lift to the 4th floor, and your employment counsellor will fetch you from the lobby for your appointment.