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Myllypuro Health Station Dental Clinic

Jauhokuja 4
00920 Helsinki
+358 9 310 51400
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Ruskeasuo Dental Clinic

Mannerheimintie 172
00300 Helsinki
P.O. Box 6680, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 51400
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Emergency dental care

Emergency dental care on weekdays 7:00 - 14:00

An appointment for urgent dental care is reserved by phone from the centralised appointment reservation:

  • 09 310 51400

Criteria for emergency oral health care

Urgent dental care is offered on weekdays in Ruskeasuo Dental Clinic, address Mannerheimintie 172, and in Myllypuro Dental Clinic, address Jauhokatu 4, 4th floor.

Make an appointment for dental emergency services online

Emergency service appointments that can be booked online will be available at Ruskeasuo and Myllypuro emergency clinics starting from 12 August 2019, on weekdays for the same day.

What to do

  • Sign into the oral health care electronic services via
  • Select Appointment booking and invitations > Make new appointment > Booking an urgent dental care emergency appointment.
  • Select the dental clinic for your appointment and choose one of the available time slots.

You can make the appointment for emergency dental care online, if you are suffering from:

  • swelling of the mouth,
  • difficulties with opening or closing your mouth,
  • difficulties with breathing and swallowing,
  • injury of the mouth or jaw,
  • pain or aching that is not alleviated by painkillers.

Emergency appointments book online are intended for adults. If no appointments are free, you will be instructed to call the dental care appointment booking service, from where you can book emergency appointments on weekdays 7:00–14:00, tel. 09 310 51400.

You can cancel an appointment made online by phone or electronically at the latest two hours before the appointment.

Emergency dental care at nights, weekends and holidays

The emergency dental care in the evenings and on weekends is at Haartman  Hospital, Haartmaninkatu 4, building 12.

Tel.  09 471 71110

Please call the clinic first.

If the Emergency Dental Clinic cannot offer an appointment in urgent need of dental care it will refer the patient to a private dentist’s examination purchased by the City. The fees charged are the same as in the municipal dental care.

In other times in urgent need of dental care call 09 310 10023 (service available 24 hours a day) for getting further information of other private emergency dental clinics. The City of Helsinki will not refund for the costs of this private dental care.

Serious mouth and dental diseases

In case of serious mouth and dental diseases the Töölö hospital’s accident and emergency department serves (HUCH), Töölönkatu 40, phone 09 4718 7351 or 09 4718 7358 or 09 4711 (switchboard).

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