Our services for immigrants

We provide you with social services that promote integration and essential social services. Our services are free of charge.
Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Who is eligible to access our services and how can you contact us?

We provide social services that promote integration, as well as urgent and essential social services depending on the client's situation. Our key client groups are listed below:

Residence permit based on the following grounds (when the 1st residence permit is less than 2 years old)

Those who have received a residence permit based on asylum (including quota refugees), individual humanitarian grounds, or subsidiary protection

Temporary residence permit (B permit)

Based on family ties (regardless of the family member's own residence permit type or nationality)


Those who arrived in Finland as unaccompanied minors and received a residence permit, aged 18-24

Services are provided even if the 1st residence permit is over 2 years old

Those requesting an initial assessment

Everyone who is not an unemployed jobseeker (e.g., a parent caring for a child under 3 years old, employed individuals, students)

Those who have resided in Finland for a maximum of 3 years

Victims of human trafficking

Individuals suspected of exploitation

Individuals who are part of the assistance system for victims of human trafficking

Foreign individuals without a residence permit or registered municipality of residence

Asylum seekers receive services from reception centres.

  1. Call or visit us 

    You can contact us either by phone or by visiting us. We respect your preference for anonymity if you choose to remain anonymous. In cases where communication requires it, we can arrange for an interpreter to assist in facilitating the conversation. 

    See our contact information and service hours 

  2. Use online services through Maisa 

    You can also contact us through the Maisa service. You must have online banking credentials or the Mobile ID to be able to log in to the Maisa service. 

    Go to Maisa (Link leads to external service)

    In the Maisa service: 

    1. Log in to Maisa using your online banking codes or mobile certificate. 
    2. After logging in, select “Menu” and then “Social Services”. 
    3. Select “Submit an application” and follow the instructions. Select “Hakemus maahan muuttaneen erityispalveluihin” (Application for Special Services for Immigrants). 
  3. If you are an authority, use Turvalomake 

    If you are an authority, you can contact Special Services for Immigrants through Turvalomake secure form service.  The client’s consent is always required. 

    Open the Turvalomake secure form (Link leads to external service)