Funeral grant

You can apply for supplementary social assistance for a funeral if the estate does not have funds for funeral expenses.

Through this assistance, you may receive support for reasonable and necessary funeral costs. This includes essential expenses such as the most affordable coffin and urn, the preparation and dressing of the deceased, placement in the coffin, a small coffin spray, one transport journey within the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and the mandatory costs charged by the parish. The city may provide assistance for these mandatory funeral costs either in full or in part.

To apply for the funeral grant, you must submit the funeral grant application to the municipality of residence of the deceased. If the deceased resided in Helsinki, the application should be submitted to the City of Helsinki, which works in collaboration with a contracted funeral parlour.

To initiate the application process, you will need to complete the 'Supplementary social assistance application for funeral expenses' form and send it to the address specified on the form. We highly recommend contacting our benefit handling telephone counselling before submitting the grant application or making any funeral arrangements. Our advisors can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the application process.

By reaching out to our benefit handling telephone counselling, you can receive assistance and advice tailored to your specific situation, ensuring a smoother process for applying for the funeral grant and making necessary funeral arrangements.

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Supplementary social assistance application for funeral expenses form

Applying for the funeral grant

  1. Ask for advice from Benefit Handling Counselling 

    To ensure a successful application for the funeral grant, we highly recommend seeking advice from Benefit Handling Counselling before initiating the process. This proactive step can help you avoid any potential mistakes that may hinder the granting of the funeral grant. By reaching out to Benefit Handling Counselling, you will receive valuable guidance and support, allowing you to navigate the application process smoothly and effectively. 

    See the contact information for Benefit Handling Counselling 

  2. Clear the estate 

    Clearing the estate is a prerequisite for granting the funeral grant. We require a comprehensive account of the estate's financial situation. 

    For assistance with estate clearance and the preparation of the estate inventory deed, you can seek support from the Legal Aid Office. They can provide the necessary guidance and help to ensure a smooth process. 

    See the contact information of the Legal Aid Office(Link leads to external service)  

    If the estate possesses assets, it is essential that they are primarily utilised to cover the funeral expenses.  

    Any invoices attributed to the deceased should be settled from the estate's assets following the payment of funeral costs. In cases where the assets are insufficient to settle the remaining invoices, those invoices will remain as debts of the estate. It's important to note that the funeral grant cannot be granted to cover such outstanding invoices. 

  3. Make sure you include the necessary attachments 

    Please ensure that you gather and include the following necessary attachments with your application: 

    • Bank statements for all bank accounts, including the statements of any applicable widow or spouse, covering the last two months. 

    • Latest confirmed taxation information or tax proposal, including the specification section. 

    • Information regarding the deceased's location and any specific wishes they had, in case they desired something other than the interment of their ashes. 

    • Estate inventory deed if the estate inventory has already been conducted. 

    Including these documents and accounts will help facilitate the processing of your application. Please make sure to collect and submit all the required attachments to ensure a smooth and efficient evaluation of your request. 

  4. Fill in and send the application 

    Apply for the funeral grant by filling in the form below and sending it to the address indicated on the form. 

    Fill in the supplementary social assistance application for funeral expenses (in Finnish and Swedish) 

    If the deceased was 18 years or older, please submit the application for the funeral grant under the deceased's name. However, if the deceased was a minor, please submit the application under the name of their parent or legal guardian. 

    It is important to note that in the case of a minor's application, the parents or legal guardians must have Kela's decision on basic social assistance. This requirement ensures that the appropriate support is provided based on the family's specific circumstances. 

  5. Useful Information

    • For more detailed information regarding the eligible funeral expenses covered by the funeral grant, please refer to the application form. 

    • When assessing the eligibility for the funeral grant, we consider the income and assets of any surviving widow, widower or registered partner of the deceased. 

    • Funerals granted as social assistance will be arranged through the contract funeral parlour chosen by the Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division. 

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