Rehabilitative work activities

Rehabilitative work activities serve the purpose of enhancing your life management skills and creating favourable conditions for your employment journey.

These activities are specifically designed for unemployed individuals actively seeking job opportunities. The primary objective is to strengthen your life management skills and facilitate your path to finding suitable employment.

Engaging in rehabilitative work activities offers numerous benefits. It enables you to identify and develop your strengths and interests, while boosting your self-confidence and refining essential working life skills. These activities also provide a platform to enhance your general skills required in the professional realm, including teamwork, customer service and communication skills.

Rehabilitative work activities can take place either at dedicated work centres or at workplaces through non-institutional work activities. In Helsinki, we have three work centres: Uusix Workshop Suvilahti, Uusix Workshop Kyläsaari and Pakila Work Centre. Additionally, non-institutional work activities are organised into three teams: building and property, nature and environment and home care.

Participating in rehabilitative work activities entitles you to unemployment benefits or social assistance. Furthermore, you may be eligible to apply for compensation for expenses through Kela.

To apply for rehabilitative work activities, you can reach out to a specialist at the TE Office or Employment Services, your designated social instructor or social worker. They will guide you through the application process and provide further assistance.

The service is free of charge.

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Rehabilitative work activities are primarily designed for individuals who have experienced long-term unemployment and face challenges in securing employment. Additionally, those who require specialised support in their job search can also greatly benefit from these activities. 

To determine if rehabilitative work activities are suitable for you, it is recommended to have a conversation with your assigned specialist, social worker or social instructor. Together, you can assess your eligibility and explore the possibilities of participating in rehabilitative work activities. 

To be eligible for rehabilitative work activities, you need to be an unemployed jobseeker residing in Helsinki. It is important to confirm with the TE Office or Employment Services that your jobseeker status is currently active. 

Once you have confirmed your jobseeker status, the next step is to get in touch with a specialist from the TE Office or Employment Services or reach out to your designated social instructor or social worker. 

Before gaining access to rehabilitative work activities, an activation or multidisciplinary employment plan will be jointly prepared with you. This plan will outline the specific rehabilitative work activities, their objectives and the support that will be provided throughout your participation in these activities. 

Rehabilitative work activities encompass a diverse range of job opportunities aimed at enhancing your skills and facilitating your reintegration into the workforce. These activities cover various fields, including assisting with care tasks, cleaning, cooking, manual labour, IT, sales and environmental work. You have the option to work either at one of our designated work centres or join a non-institutional work activity team within the public sector. 

In Helsinki, we have three work centres available for participation: Uusix Workshop in Suvilahti, Uusix Workshop in Kyläsaari and Pakila Work Centre. Additionally, there are three teams within the non-institutional work activities, namely the building and property team, the nature and environment team, and the home care team. 

For more detailed information regarding the specific tasks and responsibilities associated with each opportunity, we encourage you to visit the websites of Non-institutional Work Activities, Pakila Work Centre and Uusix Workshops. You can find the links to these websites at the bottom of this page, enabling you to explore the available options further. 

The initial phase of rehabilitative work activities is consistently set for a duration of three months. Following this period, there is flexibility in extending the work activities for varying lengths, with a maximum duration of two years. The scheduling of work activities is designed to accommodate your needs and availability, typically taking place for 1–4 days per week, with each day consisting of 4–6 hours of engagement. 

When you engage in rehabilitative work activities, you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits or social assistance.  

While no salary is provided for participating in these activities, you have the opportunity to receive compensation for expenses from Kela for each day of your involvement in the work activities. This compensation is designed to support you in covering the costs associated with your participation. 

Read more about compensations on Kela’s website(Link leads to external service) 

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