Street-based outreach work

We engage in street-based outreach work, reaching out to individuals who may be outside the reach of services. Our team operates in various settings, including streets, food aid queues and online platforms. If you require advice or are concerned about your own situation or someone else's, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

In street-based outreach work, our dedicated social instructors and nurses collaborate to provide support in public spaces such as streets, shopping centres and community areas. Our focus is on assisting unhoused individuals spending nights outside and those outside the reach of services. The whole of Helsinki is our operating area nad generally we operate during regular office hours.

We remain vigilant to the happenings in our area and actively address any messages of concern.

Our services encompass providing advice, facilitating discussions and guiding individuals toward appropriate resources. If necessary, we can assist you in accessing services and provide support during appointments. Our primary objective is to ensure that you have access to the services you require and are entitled to.

You are welcome to seek assistance from us by approaching us directly, even without an appointment and anonymously.

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