Employment support and social rehabilitation

We are dedicated to supporting your overall well-being, daily life and functional capacity. As part of our services, we organise rehabilitative work activities and non-institutional work activities specifically designed for unemployed residents of Helsinki. These activities offer engaging and meaningful tasks that can contribute to your personal and professional development.
Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Social rehabilitation is a vital social service specifically designed to enhance and support your functional capacity. It is tailored to meet individual needs and is based on a comprehensive assessment of your functional abilities. 

Our goal through social rehabilitation is to empower you in effectively managing everyday challenges and interactions, while fostering your active participation and inclusion in society. The rehabilitation process may encompass various components such as counselling, guidance, peer support and engaging group activities. 

If you find yourself facing difficulties in navigating everyday situations and require specialised support to strengthen your social functional capacity, social rehabilitation can provide the necessary assistance and resources. 

Rehabilitative work activities are a valuable social service designed specifically for individuals who are experiencing long-term unemployment. 

The primary objective of these activities is to strengthen your work and functional abilities, prevent marginalisation and foster your active participation and inclusion in society. Concurrently, you gain valuable work experience and increased employment opportunities. Rehabilitative work activities play a crucial role in active labour market policy initiatives. 

The service package for rehabilitative work activities also includes components focused on enhancing life management skills. Alongside the work activities, you will receive individualised or group-based support and guidance to ensure your overall progress. 

As a participant in rehabilitative work activities, you will receive compensation for expenses in addition to the labour market subsidy, further easing the financial burden associated with your participation.