Financial Advice Clinic

Are you concerned about your own financial situation or handling of money? There is no need to worry about your finances alone! The Financial Advice Clinic provides advice and support on handling everyday financial matters.

The Financial Advice Clinic in Helsinki is conveniently located at Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Töölönlahdenkatu 4. Our clinic operates every Wednesday 15.00–17.00. A proactive financial counselling expert from the Enforcement Authority and a financial and debt counselling professional from the Helsinki Legal Aid Office are on hand every Wednesday at the Financial Counselling.

During your visit to the Financial Advice Clinic, our dedicated specialists will help you reflect on your financial situation, offer valuable advice, and assist you in exploring available options. Our services are open to individuals of all ages residing in Helsinki, and we prioritise maintaining the confidentiality of your information. If you prefer to remain anonymous, that option is available. 

Rest assured that language will not be a barrier, as we provide services in both Finnish and English. Importantly, our services are completely free of charge, ensuring that financial support is accessible to everyone who needs it.

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