Food aid social work 

You can contact us if you are struggling with accessing services or need advice and guidance on how to apply for the services you need.

Our food aid social workers distribute food aid at various locations across Helsinki. You can easily identify them by the City of Helsinki logo and the word 'sosiaalityö' (social work) on their clothing.

We provide advice and guidance as well as support in dealing with and seeking out services.  You can come to talk to us confidentially about things weighing on your mind or how you are doing. You can also deal with us anonymously if you wish.

You can find us at the food aid distribution points. You can also reach us by phone or send us a text message. We provide services in Finnish, Estonian, Russian and English.

Feel free to contact us and come by to have a chat!

You can find your nearest food aid distribution point on the website.

You can also find this page at