Social rehabilitation

In social rehabilitation, we provide coaching and support to help you manage your daily activities, enhance your life management skills and improve your social interactions.

Social rehabilitation is particularly beneficial if you have been facing challenges related to mental health, substance abuse, long-term unemployment or marginalisation.

During the social rehabilitation process, we assess your social functional capacity and identify your rehabilitation needs. We then equip you with the necessary tools and resources to effectively manage your daily activities and enhance your life management skills, while also providing support for improving your social interactions.

You can participate in social rehabilitation through either a regional team for adults or young people, depending on your specific needs. Your participation need can also come up in your service needs assessment.

To access social rehabilitation, you can reach out to your social worker, or your loved ones and employees of other services can also contact us on your behalf.

Our services are free of charge to you.

Contact information:
Senior Social Worker, tel. +358 9 3104 6879

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Social rehabilitation

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