Notification of concern

Are you concerned about the well-being of a loved one or someone you have come across? If you have worries regarding their health, safety or overall well-being, you have the option to submit a notification of concern. By doing so, you initiate a process in which Social Services will thoroughly investigate the situation and provide appropriate assistance to the individual in need.

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What is a notification of concern?

If you have concerns about someone's health, safety or overall well-being, you can submit a notification of concern. This applies to situations where the person may be facing financial difficulties, substance abuse issues or challenges with independent living. Additionally, if you suspect someone has become a victim of human trafficking, you can also submit a notification of concern.

By submitting a notification, Social Services will conduct an investigation and provide the necessary support and services to help the person cope with their situation. 

How do I submit a notification of concern?  

A notification of concern can be submitted electronically through the Maisa service. The notification must contain as much personal data as possible about the person concerned (name, address, date of birth, telephone number) in order to make it easier for us to contact them.   

When submitting a notification of concern, you have the option to do so anonymously or under your name. If you choose to submit the notification under your name, the subject of the notification has the right to know your name.  

Go to the Maisa login page and click on the link “Submit a Social Care Notification”. If you are about to submit a notification of concern regarding a Helsinki resident, select Helsinki as the municipality. Fill in the form that opens and click “Submit”.  

Go to Maisa(Link leads to external service)

If you are worried about a child or young person under the age of 18, please contact Child Welfare Services.   

Instructions for submitting a child welfare notification

If you are worried about an older person, you can contact Senior Info.   

Go to Senior Info

If you know that the person you are worried about is living or staying in another municipality, contact the social services of that municipality.  

Social counsellors can help and advise you in submitting a notification of concern. 

See the contact information for social counselling

What if the situation is urgent?   

If your matter concerns an urgent social welfare needs assessment or services, please contact the City of Helsinki’s telephone exchange Mon–Fri during office hours.  

Call +358 9 310 1691(Link starts a phone call)

You can contact Emergency Social Services outside office hours.  

Call +358 20 696 006 (Link starts a phone call)

In emergencies, call the emergency number.  

Call 112

What happens after I have submitted a notification of concern?  

Once a notification of concern is submitted, Social Services will initiate an investigation into the individual's situation and offer them help. It is important to note that, in accordance with the obligation to maintain confidentiality, the notifier will not receive any information regarding the progress of the matter as it involves a private individual.