The service is closed from 8 to 21 July 2024. 

The Social Lending and Financial Counselling will be closed during the summer from 8 to 21 July 2024. All other times we will be open as usual. 

Financial counselling

Our dedicated financial counselling services offer valuable guidance and advice on debt matters, financial management, and the process of applying for a social loan.

Our primary objective is to empower you with essential financial management skills, enhance your ability to independently handle your finances, and prevent further indebtedness.

We also provide financial counselling when applying for a social loan. We also advise on financial matters after receiving a negative loan decision and in situations where applying for a loan is not justifiable.

Our financial and debt counselling services are offered free of charge and specifically tailored to Helsinki residents seeking to improve their everyday financial management skills. By working together with our experienced financial and debt counselling professionals, you can develop a solid foundation for sound financial practices.

You can access our financial and debt counselling services by appointment.

What kind of help do we offer? 

  • We provide assistance in managing and planning your personal finances effectively. 
  • We offer guidance on tracking your income and expenses, enabling you to have better control over your spending habits. 
  • We help you navigate your debts and explore potential solutions. This may involve debt settlement, seeking guarantees from the Guarantee Foundation, or establishing voluntary payment arrangements. 
  • We provide support in taking ownership of your financial difficulties and assist in identifying their underlying causes. 
  • We empower you to make independent and informed decisions regarding your financial situation. 

Service points

Location for social lending and financial counselling

Address: Ala-Malmin tori 2, 4. floor, 00700 Helsinki

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