Rehabilitative residential accommodation of housing support

If you are an unhoused individual in Helsinki and in need of support, advice and guidance in securing housing, you have the option to apply for a transitional apartment.

We offer both in-house supported housing services and services procured from external providers. Our supported housing arrangements are based on rental agreements, providing you with a stable living environment.

For further information regarding supported housing, please feel free to reach out to Housing Support. They will be able to provide you with additional details and address any inquiries you may have.

What is meant by supported housing? 

Supported housing is designed to assist Helsinki residents who are 18 years of age or older and require help and guidance in securing stable housing. You may benefit from this support when you are seeking to overcome substance abuse or facing challenges in managing various aspects of your life. 

Within a transitional apartment, you will receive assistance from dedicated social work professionals who are available either throughout the day or around the clock, depending on your specific needs. The objective is to prepare you for independent living in your own apartment once the transitional period concludes. 

If you are interested in accessing supported housing, you can apply through Housing Support or the social instructors at the Hietaniemenkatu Service Centre. Our supported housing options encompass various types of apartments, including small apartments, transitional apartments, and transitional apartments within cellular units. 

Please note that supported housing is based on a rental agreement, and as a result, you will be responsible for paying rent in accordance with the terms of the agreement. 

Applying for a supported housing place 

  1. Make an appointment for an assessment interview 

    Make an appointment for an assessment interview with a Housing Support social worker. 

    See the contact information for the Housing Support social workers

    Assessment interviews are also conducted at the Hietaniemenkatu Service Centre. You can see a social instructor without an appointment at the service centre Mon–Fri 8.00–11.00. 

    See the contact information for the Hietaniemenkatu Service Centre

  2. Arrive at your assessment interview 

    During the assessment interview, your social worker will carefully evaluate your circumstances and take into account your individual preferences and support requirements. This collaborative discussion allows us to gain insight into various aspects of your life. 

    During the meeting, we will delve into topics such as your educational background, work history, any substance abuse challenges you may be facing, and any mental health concerns you may have. By exploring these areas, we aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation and tailor our support accordingly. 

    Next, the social worker submits your application to the Investigation, Assessment and Placement Group for processing. 

  3. Wait for the decision 

    The Investigation, Assessment, and Placement Group carefully reviews your application and reaches a decision based on the information provided. The group meets once a week to ensure timely processing of applications. If the decision regarding your case is positive, you will be added to the waiting list for housing services. 

    The outcome of the decision will be communicated to you through mail, using the address you have provided in your application. Please ensure that the address is accurate and up to date to ensure proper correspondence. 

  4. If a suitable housing place is not currently available for you, you will be placed on a waiting list 

    If a suitable housing place is not currently available for you, you will be placed on a waiting list until a vacancy arises. The length of time you may need to wait for a suitable place can vary depending on the specific type of housing service you are seeking. Waiting times can range from several months to even a few years. 

    To inquire about your position on the waiting list, please use the contact information provided in the decision.  

    Note! It is crucial to keep us informed of any changes to your contact information while you are on the waiting list for a place. If your contact details change, please call the number indicated in the decision to provide us with the updated and accurate information. 

  5. We will let you know when a suitable housing place becomes available for you 

    Once a suitable housing place becomes available for you, we will promptly notify you via phone call. 

Service points

Brahe service house

Address: Porvoonkatu 10, 00510 Helsinki

Housing unit at Vanha Viertotie

Address: Vanha viertotie 22 A B, 00350 Helsinki

Kulosaari Living Community

Address: Svinhufvudinkuja 3, 00570 Helsinki

Neulapadontie Assessment Unit

Address: Neulapadontie 2, 00920 Helsinki

Pakila support home

Address: Kyläkunnantie 95, 00660 Helsinki

Pukinmäki support home

Address: Sunilantie 2, 00720 Helsinki

Roihuvuori supported housing

Address: Keijukaistenpolku 14 A, 00820 Helsinki


Address: Kustaa Vaasan tie 13, 00560 Helsinki