Work ability assessment

During the work ability assessment, our team will thoroughly examine and evaluate your work and functional capacity. This assessment aims to determine your eligibility for various forms of support, such as rehabilitation or pension.

The work ability assessment is designed specifically for long-term unemployed individuals aged 18-63, residing in Helsinki, who have low income and are unable to work or engage in education or training due to their health condition.

Once we receive the referral, we will carefully review and assess your work and functional abilities as part of the work ability assessment process. Our dedicated team of social workers and work ability coordinators will be available to provide you with the necessary support and guidance throughout the assessment. Additionally, medical specialists and neuropsychologists will conduct assessments of your work capacity to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

The service is free of charge.

Contact information:

Senior Social Worker Auri Lyly-Falk, tel. +358 9 3104 2286

Social workers

Annika Jäntti: +358 50 340 8609/ +358 9 310 42228, Northern, Western

Terhi Järvinen: +358 50 402 0144/+358 9 310 42229, Northern

Outi Keikkonen: +358 50 402 0149/+358 9 310 42285, Western, Employment services

Ritva-Liisa Kovanen: +358 50 402 0147/+358 9 310 42289, Downtown, Kalasatama

Kaisu Lahtinen: +358 50 348 1252/+358 9 310 42287, Myllypuro, Vuosaari

Kati Mäkelä: +358 50 3408674/+358 9 310 42281, Downtawn, Kalasatama

During the work ability assessment, our specialists will work closely with you to evaluate your work and functional capacity. A dedicated social worker will be assigned as your responsible worker, guiding you through the assessment process and coordinating any necessary examinations. Our team of medical specialists and neuropsychologists will conduct assessments to thoroughly evaluate your ability to work. 

Based on the results of these assessments, a medical statement B will be prepared by the doctor. This statement will include a comprehensive assessment of your work and functional ability, as well as provide insights into possible rehabilitation options. 

Depending on the specific findings outlined in the medical statement, you may be eligible to apply for various forms of support, such as sickness allowance, disability pension or rehabilitation services. Our team will provide guidance on the available options based on your individual circumstances. 

The work ability assessment service is specifically designed for individuals who meet the following criteria: 

  • Long-term unemployed individuals aged 18–63. 

  • Residents of Helsinki who are living on a low income. 

  • Individuals whose health condition hinders their ability to work or participate in education or training. 

If you fall within this target group, you may be eligible to benefit from the work ability assessment service. The assessment aims to evaluate your work capacity and explore potential avenues for support and rehabilitation. 

To access the work ability assessment, you will need a referral from a social welfare professional. This referral can be obtained by collaborating with a social services employee who will assist you in the process. 

You are eligible for the work ability assessment if you meet the following criteria: 

  • You are an unemployed job seeker aged 18–63 and reside in Helsinki. 

  • You have received a referral from Employment Services, or you require assistance in finding employment. 

To begin the process, it is recommended to discuss your situation with your designated specialist, social worker or social instructor. They will assess your needs and, if necessary, provide you with a separate referral to the work ability assessment. It is essential to provide your consent for the disclosure of relevant information. Additionally, an employee of the Prison and Probation Service of Finland can also issue the referral if needed. 

Service points

Töölö office building, Work Ability Assessment

Address: Mechelininkatu 46 A, 4.kerros, 00250 Helsinki

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