Health and social services for the unhoused

If you are experiencing homelessness, you have the freedom to choose which health and social services location you would like to visit. Health and social services are also available at the overnight accommodation and housing service units dedicated to providing services for unhoused individuals.
Photo: Kaisa Sunimento

Health services 

If you don't have a permanent home in Helsinki, you have access to health services at any health station in the City of Helsinki. 

Additionally, the Hietaniemenkatu Service Centre provides convenient access to health services, including walk-in appointments with nurses and doctors. The centre also offers regular access to a foot therapist and specialised social work services provided by the church. 

Social services 

You can also access social services at any adult social work location.  

Guidance and advice for managing your affairs are also offered at most overnight accommodation and housing service units for individuals without a home, as well as at the Hietaniemenkatu Service Centre. 

Furthermore, social instructors from the street-based outreach team can be found on the streets, in shopping centres, residents’ spaces and food aid locations. You can approach them to discuss your health and social service needs and engage in broader conversations about your situation. 

All the health and social services we provide are free of charge.