Accommodation and housing services for the unhoused

Here you can find information on emergency housing, temporary housing and supported housing
Photo: Yiping Feng and Ling Ouyang

Emergency housing is intended for acute needs 

Emergency housing refers to short-term housing that lasts only one night or over the weekend. Usually, individuals in need of emergency housing can seek assistance at the Hietaniemenkatu Service Centre, where staff can also direct them to Alppikatu or Inarintie locations. Emergency housing is provided free of charge. Additionally, some locations accept individuals who are intoxicated. 


Temporary housing is, as the name suggests, temporary 

Temporary housing serves as a short-term solution to assist individuals in transitioning towards a more permanent housing option. You can obtain a temporary apartment through adult social work or by contacting the Hietaniemenkatu Service Centre for the unhoused. Temporary housing incurs a fee, and the accommodation is allocated based on a needs assessment. 


If you cannot cope on your own, supported housing could be ideal for you 

Supported housing provides the assistance of social work professionals to support you during your stay. The level of support can vary from full-time to part-time, depending on your specific needs. The allocation of a transitional apartment is determined through a needs assessment process. The duration of your stay in the transitional apartment is determined by the length of time you require assistance. Rent is applicable for the transitional apartment.