The anticipated timeframe for the transition of registration to Maisa for prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy groups is early November. You can still register for the September and October sessions via the “Click here to sign up” link provided on this page.

Postpartum physiotherapy

We offer postpartum family coaching groups, along with private appointments with a physiotherapist when needed.

In the postpartum family coaching group, you will receive information on the recovery of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles after giving birth. You will receive instructions for exercising your pelvic floor and core muscles. We will show you how to take abdominal separation into account when exercising.

You can take part in the postpartum family coaching group after your postpartum check-up at the maternity clinic, two months after giving birth. You are welcome to attend the postpartum group any time during the year following childbirth.

The postpartum family coaching group takes approximately 1½ hours and can be arranged remotely or on site at the family centre or at the physiotherapy clinic.

Enrol for the postpartum family coaching group via Service Coordinator under Open services -> Physiotherapy, Family coaching -> Postpartum physiotherapy. In order to log in, you need your online banking credentials or Mobile ID.

If you feel you need an appointment in private, mention that at the maternity clinic or health station. You need a referral for a private appointment.

Physiotherapy groups and private appointments are free of charge.