You can sign up for physiotherapy family coaching groups through Maisa.

Physiotherapy for pregnant individuals

We offer pregnant individuals physiotherapy family coaching groups and private appointments with a physiotherapist, if needed. You need a referral for a private appointment.

In the prenatal group, we will discuss the impacts of pregnancy and childbirth on the body. We will also cover exercising during pregnancy, rest positions of the back, pelvic floor functions and maintaining muscular strength.

In the group, you will receive preventive instructions and advice on musculoskeletal stress caused by pregnancy and childbirth. The physiotherapy family coaching groups for pregnant individuals takes approximately 1½ hours, and it is arranged remotely.

You can sign up for physiotherapy family coaching groups in the Maisa service.

1. Choose "Book Appointment".
2. Choose"Appointment for Physiotherapy".
3. Choose a suitable family coaching group.

The booking automatically creates a link for the remote group. The link is activated in Maisa 15 minutes before the session starts.

Physiotherapy groups and private appointments are free of charge.

Service points

Itäkatu physiotherapy

Address: Tallinnanaukio 1, 00930 Helsinki

Kallio Family Centre physiotherapy

Address: Toinen linja 4 C, 00530 Helsinki

Kamppi Family Centre physiotherapy

Address: Malminkatu 3 F, 00100 Helsinki

Kivelä physiotherapy

Address: Sibeliuksenkatu 14, 00260 Helsinki

Malmi physiotherapy

Address: Talvelantie 6, bldg 18 C, 00700 Helsinki

Vuosaari Family Centre physiotherapy

Address: Kahvikuja 3, 00980 Helsinki