Paediatric physiotherapy

In children's physiotherapy, we assess and rehabilitate a child's motor development, mobility and functional ability.

Based on the assessment, we will plan the therapy appointments and group or home exercises necessary for the child. We will cooperate with the child and the child's parents and immediate network. We will also encourage the whole family to enjoy daily exercise.

Paediatric physiotherapy is intended for children under school age and primary pupils. Referrals for physiotherapy can be made by a doctor, nurse, speech or occupational therapist, child health clinic psychologist or an employee in specialised healthcare.

Physiotherapy is provided at the family centres and physiotherapy clinics.

Paediatric physiotherapy is free of charge.

Service points

Itäkatu physiotherapy

Address: Tallinnanaukio 1, 00930 Helsinki

Kallio Family Centre physiotherapy

Address: Toinen linja 4 C, 00530 Helsinki

Kamppi Family Centre physiotherapy

Address: Malminkatu 3 F, 00100 Helsinki

Kivelä physiotherapy

Address: Sibeliuksenkatu 14, 00260 Helsinki

Malmi physiotherapy

Address: Talvelantie 6, bldg 18 C, 00700 Helsinki

Vuosaari Family Centre physiotherapy

Address: Kahvikuja 3, 00980 Helsinki