Our podiatrists and foot care nurses primarily serve individuals diagnosed with diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis who are experiencing foot problems related to their condition.

In podiatry, we prevent and treat musculoskeletal illnesses in the lower legs and any resulting problems. During the first visit, we will assess your treatment needs, select the treatment methods and decide how often you need to visit us.

The treatment goal is to improve or maintain your functional ability to make everyday life easier.

In podiatry, we will also assess together with other professionals whether you will need support insoles or special footwear.

We carry out podiatry either in group settings or as one-on-one appointments according to your personal needs.

You need a referral from a doctor, personal nurse or diabetes nurse for podiatry. Podiatry is free of charge.

Service points

Laajasalo podiatry

Address: Koulutanhua 2, 00840 Helsinki

Laakso podiatry

Address: Lääkärinkatu 8 L, bldg 3, 00250 Helsinki

Malmi podiatry

Address: Siilikuja 3, 00800 Helsinki

Munkkiniemi podiatry

Address: Laajalahdentie 30, 00330 Helsinki

Suursuo podiatry

Address: Suursuonlaita 3 B, 00630 Helsinki

Viiskulma podiatry

Address: Pursimiehenkatu 4, 00150 Helsinki