Vaccinations against coronavirus

To receive the coronavirus vaccine, book an appointment at your local health station.

You can book an appointment through, the Maisa application or by calling the health stations. If you want both the coronavirus and influenza vaccination at the same time, please book only one vaccination appointment.

To get vaccinated, you must prove your identity, for example, with an ID card or Kela card. Vaccination is voluntary and free of charge. We vaccinate in accordance with the recommendations of THL, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

How to book an appointment for a coronavirus vaccination

Appointment booking in the Maisa service

An appointment for all doses of the coronavirus vaccination can be booked at or via the Maisa application. Log in to the booking service in Maisa(Link leads to external service) by using strong authentication, such as online banking credentials. 

  1. Go to leads to external service) or use the Maisa phone app.
  2. Sign in with your online banking codes, mobile certificate, or certification card.
  3. Open Menu.
  4. Choose Book Appointments > Book Appointment > Appointment with health stations in the menu.
  5. Choose Coronavirus vaccination.
  6. Click on the green Continue button.
  7. Choose a time that works best for you.
  8. Finally click Verify appointment.

If you are unable to book an appointment in Maisa, you can book a time for vaccinations by calling the health stations.

Vaccination appointments for children aged 6 months–11 years who belong to a risk group for severe disease can be booked by calling the child health clinic’s telephone service, tel. +358 9 3105 5530 (Mon–Fri 8.00–14.00).
See more detailed instructions about appointment booking for children aged 6 months–11 years who belong to a risk group for severe disease

Booking an appointment on behalf of another person

We recommend that you book a vaccination appointment on behalf of another person, for example a loved one, by phone. If you would like to book an appointment electronically, you can authorise another adult to act on your behalf in Maisa. Read more about acting on someone else’s behalf in Maisa(Link leads to external service).

Appointment booking by phone

Book an appointment by calling the health stations. The contact information can be found at

Rescheduling and cancelling an appointment

A booked appointment can be rescheduled or cancelled in Maisa. You can also change and cancel your appointment by calling the health station.

Note! If you are unable to attend your scheduled vaccination appointment, kindly remember to cancel it promptly to allow for the appointment to be allocated to someone else. By cancelling in advance, you ensure that the vaccination slot is not wasted. You have the option to cancel your appointment up until the scheduled vaccination time. If you don’t cancel the appointment, you may receive a bill for the unused time.

EU Digital COVID Certificate

The EU Digital COVID Certificate can be obtained from MyKanta(Link leads to external service). It includes the COVID-19 vaccination certificate. If there are errors in the certificate, you can contact the health station.

This is how you download the COVID certificate from MyKanta(Link leads to external service)