Outamo Children's Home

Outamo Children's Home is located in Lohja, about an hour away from Helsinki.
Photo: Kaisa Sunimento

Outamo Children's Home houses children and young people aged 14-17.

The home is located in a charming old manor milieu. The children's home is like a small village with Outamo School in the centre and home wards around it 200 metres apart.

Our goal at Outamo is to gain the trust of every child living with us. Maintaining and nurturing contact with the children's families and other loved ones is also very important to us.

The director of Outamo Children's Home is Rolf Widercrantz, tel. +358 50 572 1391

Office Secretary Merja Sorsa tel. +358 40 516 2546

Home ward Nelonen Instructor tel. +358 9 3107 3157 Senior instructor tel. +358 50 5721344 email: nelonen.outamo@hel.fi

Home ward Noko Instructor tel. +358 40 6494768 Senior instructor tel. +358 40 6494948 email: noko.outamo@hel.fi

Home ward Pähkinä Instructor tel. +358 50 572 1383 Senior instructor tel. +358 50 5721343 email:pahkina.outamo@hel.fi

Contact information

Karkalintie 148, 08100 Lohja View location on service map

Learn more about Outamo Children’s Home

Every child is unique. Our goal at Outamo is to gain each child’s trust. Adults are always present at Outamo to support children in their challenges and opportunities and in the happy and sad moments of life.   

We set the goals for a safe life together with the children, their guardians and the social workers. We collaborate to make plans and work together to assess how best to promote the children’s well-being. We make time to talk with the children’s loved ones regularly. 

We support the children to finish comprehensive school and prepare for further studies. Outamo has its own school, which the City of Helsinki runs. 

We also practice everyday skills. Children gain more independence and responsibility as they build the skills to care for themselves.  

Every child has two personal instructors with a special responsibility for caring for the child’s well-being. The personal instructors also ensure that the child’s feelings and opinions are taken into consideration. The ward’s entire staff is responsible for the children’s care and education.   

All children have a room of their own at Outamo. The children’s home wards and the school are newly built and very cosy. Outamo’s old buildings feature recreational spaces, such as a space for band practice, a recording studio, a gym and a gaming room.   

We also have boats, canoes, ATVs, a disc golf course, and a climbing wall. In addition, the children have access to hobbies, such as horseback riding, outside Outamo. 

The City of Helsinki has owned Outamo for more than 110 years. Outamo is also very close to Helsinki, providing other ample opportunities. 

The children at the home form their own community and learn how to live together. The home wards hold weekly community meetings, where the children discuss how they are getting along with one another and the adults. At community meetings, children can also put forward initiatives to be addressed and provide feedback about their care. Feedback may also be given outside community meetings to the children’s home staff or social worker. 

Outamo covers the children’s living costs. In addition to food, basic hygiene products and possible health care costs, we provide children with the clothes they need and equipment for engaging in hobbies. The children also receive an allowance which they can spend as they please.  

If there are case-specific grounds to do so, the staff may impose restrictions in the children’s home. This can happen when the practices and agreements at the home are insufficient to ensure the safety of the child and others around. Restrictions are never used as a punishment. Instead, they are a way to make the child in question work with us to figure out the best ways to support their growth and development. 

We always prepare a separate written decision about any restriction measures. Before implementing restrictions, we hear the child’s and guardian’s points of view. The decision can be appealed. 

The children’s loved ones are also very important to us.  

We want to support the connection between the children and those close to them. If agreed in advance, the children’s loved ones can visit and stay overnight at Outamo. Where possible, the children can visit Helsinki for home trials at weekends and during holidays. We agree on home trials with each child’s guardians and social worker. 

We support successful home trials in many ways. Outamo staff members also work in Helsinki, and we maintain contact with the children and guardians during home trial periods.  

The stay at Outamo is temporary, while loved ones are forever. We hope that we can earn your trust even in challenging situations. 


The Outamo team includes bachelors of social services, nurses, practical nurses and community educators. Support is provided by Outamo’s own psychologist, the school staff and the doctors that visit regularly.  

We also employ food service and facility maintenance professionals.  

We cooperate with many different parties. Outamo is located in the HUS area, so information about the children’s health and well-being remains in the system used by the City of Helsinki. 


Karkalintie 148, 08100 Lohja
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