Walk-in service for matters relating to child maintenance

You can come to us without an appointment to agree on child maintenance.

One of the contractual matters concerning a child is child maintenance. Child support is a monthly sum of money that the non-resident parent pays to the child, thereby contributing to the child's maintenance.

Child support is confirmed by an agreement or a District Court decision.

The parent who, after the separation, no longer lives at the same address as the child pays child support to the parent with whom the child is registered as living.

If the child lives alternately with both of you, the possible child support can be ordered to be paid by either parent, regardless of which one the child is registered as living with. Our walk-in service can support you on matters relating to child maintenance. You can come to us together with the other parent to agree on continuing or amending your child maintenance agreement or decision.

This may be the case, for example, when your ability to contribute to the child's maintenance is affected by unemployment.

However, if you and the other parent are preparing your first child maintenance agreement or if determining the amount of child support requires more investigation than usual due to entrepreneurship, for example, please book a normal negotiation appointment through the centralised appointment booking service.

The walk-in service requires the presence of both parents, and it is only intended for handling child support matters.

The walk-in service is open once a month on 27.2., 26.3., 30.4., 28.5., 18.6. and 27.8. In July we are closed.

Queue numbers are available from 8.30-9.30 when both parents are present and forms have been filled in. You can get a queue number when both parents are present. Queue numbers and the forms for providing a statement of assets and preliminary information are handed out in the lobby area on the ground floor.

The service point is at the City of Helsinki's Family Law Services Unit, Vironkatu 2, 4th floor.

How to prepare for a walk-in visit

Our walk-in service is meant for dealing with matters quickly and efficiently, so please prepare for your visit in advance.

If, for example, the determination of maintenance support requires more investigation than usual due to entrepreneurship, we recommend that you book an appointment with a child welfare supervisor instead of visiting our walk-in service.

  1. Prepare a statement of assets

    To assess your maintenance capacity, you will need to prepare a statement of assets. Please print out and fill in the form below before visiting the walk-in service.

    Print the statement of assets (PDF)

  2. Fill in the preliminary information form

    Print out and fill in the preliminary information form below before visiting the walk-in service.

    Print the preliminary information form (PDF)

  3. Bring along the following forms and supporting documents

    • Completed preliminary information form
    • A statement of assets, which must be accompanied by supporting documents on income and expenses, as well as the most recently confirmed tax certificate or tax proposal.
    • If previous agreements concerning the child have been made elsewhere than in Helsinki or if you have a court decision on maintenance support, you must have this agreement/decision with you.

Service points

Family law service

Address: Vironkatu 2, 00170 Helsinki