Family centre neuropsychologist

A neuropsychologist examines the difficulties and strengths of the child or young person to find suitable support.

The neuropsychologist assesses, among other things, the child and young person's level of development, attentiveness, cognitive control and ability to regulate emotions and behaviour.

A psychologist or doctor can refer the child or young person to us for examination for example in case of difficulties in learning, speaking, motor skills, attentiveness or interaction if the school's or early childhood education's support methods are not enough.

The examination aims to find suitable individual support and possibly rehabilitation for the child or young person.

The service is intended for 4-17-year-olds.
You need a referral to access our service. The service is free of charge.

Service points

Family centre neuropsychologist in Ruoholahti

Address: Itämerenkatu 5 A, 00180 Helsinki