Toivo services

Toivo services are intended for young people aged 12-17 in open and substitute care to find stability in their life situation and motivate them to change.

In Toivo services, we guide and support young people over 12 years of age in growth, rehabilitation and well-being. Our service provided for a limited time, usually for 6-12 months, and in some cases 18 months.

The target group is young people in open and foster care, with several behavioural issues, criminality or substance abuse. In addition, our service supports young people who are about to be discharged after their foster care placement or who are serving a prison sentence.

Applications for Toivo services are accepted for young persons who are customers of Toivo social work. In Toivo services, we always assess each young person's need for support individually before starting a customer relationship. The work of Toivo services begins in cooperation with a Toivo social worker.

The service is based on finding the motivation to change of the young person and their guardians, being by their side, stabilizing the situation, and tailored rehabilitation.

Toivo services involve not only the young person but also their family and network.

What do young people get out of Toivo services?  

We do teamwork, in which a Toivo services professional works with the responsible social worker, the young person, their family and the people in their network.  

We tailor individual support to each young person. We can also support them during pre-trial detention and imprisonment, for example. Our service is also suitable for young persons in community service or juvenile punishment.  

The purpose is to create an appreciative and safe interaction and an understanding of the situation and goals.  

We can support you in handling difficult life situations and learning functional emotional and interpersonal skills and solution models. We focus on finding strengths and capabilities and strengthening the young person's positive self-image.  

We respond to acute crises and create the necessary networks in cooperation with many parties.  

Who do you involve in the service?  

We aim to involve parents and other networks of young people – school, friends and other authorities – in the joint work.  

Toivo services is a team of 11 people. We work in pairs, with 9 instructors and 2 nurses. The senior counsellor acts as the supervisor of the team and the head of customer work.  

What are the conditions for a young person to be included in Toivo services?  

When the problems and challenges of a young person aged 12-17 are related to crimes, substance abuse or violent behaviour. Such as:  

  • recurrent criminality and a deepening cycle of crime  
  • serious behavioural problems  
  • repeated, severe and/or addictive substance abuse  
  • joining a gang and radicalisation.  

We target substitute care to young people when  

  • the young person is already involved in the Toivo service and they are facing a transition to long-term placement  
  • the young person is discharged.  

The majority of young people in our Toivo service are in open care, less than a third are in substitute care.  

Applications for Toivo services are not accepted if the young person is already enrolled in some other rehabilitative open care service by child welfare, with the exception of OTE education that supports school attendance.   

Service points

Toivo Services service point

Address: Siilikuja 5 K, 00800 Helsinki