Support person activities

Volunteer support persons are a safe adult friend for a child or young person aged 7-18.

Support person activities are intended for children and young people in need of special support or for customers of child welfare who have a small support network. The people receiving this type of support are children and young people aged 7-18 who need the companionship and support of an adult who is not a member of their family.

With a support person, a child or young person can gain positive experiences. The support person usually meets the child or young person twice a month for leisure activities.

Volunteers are laypersons, adult friends for children and young people, safe adults who walk alongside them, making it possible for them to have a positive experience.

We select support persons based on a suitability interview and prepare them for the task. We hope that they are able to commit to the child or young person in the long term.

You apply for a support person through your responsible social worker. The support person and the person receiving support are given shared funds for their activities.

The service is free of charge.

Want to be a support person?

Would you like to volunteer as a support person for a child from Helsinki? Contact us and we'll talk about it! opens default mail program) 

tel. +358 9 310 43 112(Link starts a phone call) and +358 9 310 43 794(Link starts a phone call)