Family mediation

Our family mediators help families with children residing in Helsinki who are contemplating separation.

Our purpose is to secure the child's position in the event of a separation and to help the parents resolve their differences through mediation.

The aim is for the child to maintain good relations with both parents even after a possible separation.

You can also apply for mediation together later.

Family mediation is free of charge, and mediation can also take place in English in addition to Finnish and Swedish.

Family mediators work at the following offices   

Vironkatu 2, 1st floor, 00170 Helsinki  

  • Jaana Kujala (mediation also in English)  
  • Raija Panttila  
  • Monica Sourander (mediation also in Swedish)  
  • Kari Väisänen  

Kahvikuja 3 A, 00980 Helsinki  

  • Vesa Knutti  

Malmin asematie 3 A, 2nd floor, 00700 Helsinki  

  • Eija Rahkonen  

Suursuonlaita 1, 00630 Helsinki   

  • Juha Koskinen  

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