Due to congestion in the social counselling for families with children we respond to Maisa applications and "Tarvitsen apua" (I need help online form) contacts within about a week of receiving the message.

Family counselling clinic

The family counselling clinic helps families in matters related to parenting, problematic family situations and crises.

In accordance with the Social Welfare Act, the parenting and family counselling provided by the family counselling clinic is support for families with children and adolescents under the age of 18.

The family counselling clinic can help you, when

- you would like conversational support in questions related to parenting and bringing up children

- you are concerned about your child's or adolescent's behaviour or development

- your child or adolescent is having problems at home, daycare, school or with friends

- your family is struggling with conflicts, sorrow or other difficult life situation

- you the parents are considering separating or your family needs help to cope with your separation

- you are facing a new life situation, for example, as a single parent or in a reconstituted family.

Our staff includes social workers and psychologists. We can also consult a child psychiatrist, if necessary. Our work is guided by your family's needs and requests. If necessary, we can also cooperate with other parties who are important to your child or family.

We also organise various groups at the family counselling clinic like, for example, emotional skills groups for children and parenting groups, such as Ihmeelliset vuodet 'Wonderful Years'.

You can seek the services of the family counselling clinic by calling social guidance for families with children or by sending a message via the 'Need help?' online form or in Maisa.

The services are free of charge.

Use the online service

I need help-online form

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Maisa online service

1. Go to Maisa's front page and log in by using the Suomi.fi identification service. If you have downloaded the app on your phone, you can also log into Maisa from there.

2. Select Menu and Social Services from the dropdown menu.

3. Select Application/contact services for families with children.

4. Click Make an application and follow the instructions.

We will respond to you within three working days. If we cannot reach you by phone, we will message you in Maisa.

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Call us

Social counseling telephone service for families with children in Finnish

Open Mon-Fri 09-12
Call charge: standard telephone charges apply

Social counseling telephone service for families with children in Swedish

Open Mon 09-12
Call charge: standard telephone charges apply

You can also find this page at hel.fi/family-counselling.

Service points

Family counselling, Haaga

Address: Kaupintie 11 A, 00440 Helsinki

Family counselling, Itäkatu family center

Address: Tallinnanaukio 1, 00930 Helsinki

Family counselling, Kallio family center

Address: Toinen linja 4 C, 3. floor, 00530 Helsinki

Family counselling, Kamppi family center

Address: Malminkatu 3 F, 00100 Helsinki

Family counselling, Malmi

Address: Malmin asematie 3 A, 00700 Helsinki

Family counselling, Maunula

Address: Suursuonlaita 1, 00630 Helsinki

Family counselling, Swedish speaking service

Address: Toinen linja 4 C, 3. floor, 00530 Helsinki
Vuosaaren perhekeskuksen sisäänkäynti.

Family counselling, Vuosaari family center

Address: Kahvikuja 3 A, 7. floor, 00980 Helsinki