Multidimensional Family Therapy

Multidimensional Family Therapy is intended for symptomatic young people aged 11-17 years and their families in crisis situations.

The target group of Multidimensional Family Therapy is young people aged 11-17 who have behavioural and substance abuse issues and have difficulties in their lives.

In addition to the family and parents, other young people's networks are included in the therapeutic work. Enrolment in our service lasts about six months. We hold meetings with different set of people 2-3 times per week.

The service is intended for customers of child welfare and is applied for by social worker responsible for the young person.

What is Multidimensional Family Therapy about?  

Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) is intensive and family-oriented.  

Its focus is on individual work with each family member, as well as on the interaction and operating models of the whole family. The aim is to create better-functioning operating models with the family, for the family. In addition to the young person and their family, people in their network, such as a teacher or other professional working in parallel, can be involved in our service.  

Meetings are held in different configurations.  

In what cases can a young person and their family be included in the service?  

Young people and their families can be included in the service if they have previously received other family social work or open care services. Placement away from home may be a consideration, but the situation may also be that of being discharged.  


  • The young person is 11–17 years old.  
  • The young person has behavioural, defiance and/or substance abuse issues.  
  • The issues have lasted for at least six months.  
  • The issues impact many areas of activity and life.  
  • At least one of the parents must commit to the service. However, the young person's own lack of motivation is not a barrier to starting the therapy.  
  • The young person may be under threat of institutional placement.  
  • The young person has previously undergone social and health care interventions.  
  • Multidimensional Family Therapy work is not possible when the young person has an acute mental health or substance abuse disorder that requires treatment. Other, concurrent therapy is also now allowed.  

Contact details:

Senior instructor, tel. +358 9 665 8695