Children’s home activities and children’s homes

The lives of the children and young people at the children's home are safe and as much as possible like their lives would be at home.

The purpose of a children's home is to secure the rehabilitative and age-appropriate development of children and young people in institutional care and provide them with a safe growth environment.

A child can live in a children's home for a short or longer period of time. The duration depends on each child's needs and the family's situation. We support contact and relationships between the children and their parents and other loved ones.

Our staff ensure that the children's home is a safe and comfortable place. There are always adults present for the children to turn to in any matters.

Every child has a designated pair of personal instructors, who primarily care for the child's affairs and provide support. The personal instructors ensure the children's engagement and inclusion. They maintain regular contact with the children's parents, loved ones and support network and provide their professional opinion on each child's best interest. The aim is to raise the children together with their parents.

We take care of the children's basic needs and well-being, and make sure they have a regular daily rhythm, healthy meals and sufficient sleep. Where necessary, we provide the children with the support and services they need along with opportunities for hobbies and physical activities that interest them. We ensure that each child attends school and arrange any relevant support measures. Some of our children's homes have a school attached. We also support the children in planning their further studies.

At least every six months, we prepare a care and upbringing plan, which assesses the child's needs, the objectives and methods of the care provided and the fulfilment of the care objectives. We then regularly assess the plan with the child and their parents or guardians and the child's case social worker. The care and upbringing plan is also assessed when restrictions are imposed on a child or it is expected that restrictions will be required.

Our staff includes many kinds of professionals, such as instructors who, by training, are bachelors of social services, community educators, practical nurses and nurses, for example. At least one psychologist works at each children's home. The children's homes can also have other special workers, such as an occupational therapist or psychotherapist. The other professionals who work at the children's homes include cooks, home care instructors and office secretaries.

The children's homes of the City of Helsinki provide basic level, special level and demanding level services.

Service points

Hyvönen Children's Home

Address: Oltermannintie 32 L- and M-building, 00620 Helsinki

Lemmilä Children's Home

Address: Lemmiläntie 3, 05950 Hyvinkää

Malmi Children's Home

Address: Fallpakantie 2 B 10, 00970 Helsinki

Naulakallio Children's Home

Address: Naulakalliontie 11, 00970 Helsinki

Outamo Children's Home

Address: Karkalintie 148, 08100 Lohja

Riihenkulma Children's Home

Address: Riihenkulma 4, 00700 Helsinki

Teinilä Children's Home

Address: Pikalähetintie 15, 00620 Helsinki