Iloa varhain groups ('Early Joy')

The Iloa varhain groups ('Early Joy') are intended for mothers with babies under 8 months of age who have mild depression or are at risk of developing postpartum depression.

In the group, you learn to identify your emotions and factors that affect your mood. You can build your own toolkit for preventing and relieving depression. In a group, you also have the opportunity to chat with people in the same type of life situation.

The group will meet once a week for a total of eight times. The meetings last two hours each. There will be a follow-up meeting after the group meetings.

A group consists of five mother and baby pairs. We will interview the mothers before the group starts.

The groups are mainly conducted by social instructors for families with children. Groups are organised in different parts of Helsinki.

You can apply for a group by contacting social counselling for families with children or by discussing the matter at the maternity and child health clinic.

The service is free of charge