Post-adoption service

We can support you in matters relating to parenting after the adoption.

After the adoption, you will also receive support from the City of Helsinki's adoption team. Our post-adoption support social instructors will support your family in your unique parenting situation.

The need for support is individual, and you can consider what kind of support is best suited for your family.

The authorities in the child's country of birth have set a timetable for follow-up on the child's adoption. The post-adoption support social instructors will write reports to the authorities in the child's country of birth.

You can turn to post-adoption support even if the adoption was a long time ago. If you want to consider, for example, your child's daycare, schooling or other matters relating to the child's life, please contact post-adoption support.

We arrange a family club for our adoptive families once a month. The adoptive family club meets at Playground Linja on Friday mornings. Please contact our social instructors for more information and an invitation to the family club.

Adoption counselling is free of charge.

Please contact our post-adoption support:

Social instructor Enni Koskela, tel. +358 9 3104 3090

Social instructor Laura Uusitalo, tel. +358 9 3104 3414