Would you like to become a foster parent?

Are you thinking of becoming a foster parent to a child or young person who is placed outside their home?

Foster parenting can be the beginning of a shared life-long journey. As a foster parent, you do not need any special skills, just the willingness and ability to lead a child-oriented life. “Everyday life that is wonderfully ordinary”, was a young person’s comment about living with a foster family. 

A foster family can be a single person, a couple or a family with several members, all of whom welcome the placed child as an equal member of the family.   

A foster parent does not need to be an experienced educator. In our opinion, good parenting means affection for the child, well-working routines, listening and providing a safe growth environment. It is enough that you care, even on bad days.  

We will find a suitable foster family for each child. The child will grow as a member of the foster family and at the same time maintain a connection with their birth family.   

A foster family can also live elsewhere than in Helsinki, as long as they live within 150 kilometres of Helsinki. The children to be placed are Helsinki residents.  

As a foster parent, you will be supported by our multi-professional team.  We have a lot of know-how and extensive experience in the hopes and needs of placed children and foster parents.  

Frequently asked questions about foster families

Foster parents, or family carers, are responsible for the care and upbringing of the child placed in their home. Foster parents offer the child a home, a family and a place in their heart.  

Many kinds of families are suitable as foster families: single persons, single parents, couples, same-sex couples, families with several member. What is important is that the family’s situation is stable, and its affairs are in order.  

A family carer can work outside the home. However, when the child moves into the family, we require one of the parents to stay at home for a while.  

No. Anyone considering foster parenting has the right to receive advance training lasting approximately six months.  

Yes. The foster parent receives a care payment. In addition, the parent receives compensation for the child’s expenses and child benefit.  

This is not an employment relationship but is based on a commission agreement. The care payment accumulates pension.  

No. You can come to the training with an open mind to consider whether foster parenting is a suitable form of parenting for you.  

We organise several training groups each year and are putting groups together continuously. In addition, we organise family-specific training.  

The training is free of charge for all participants. 

You can also find this page at hel.fi/foster-families.