Family work

The purpose of family work (in accordance with the Social Welfare Act) is to support the growth and development of the child, strengthen the child-parent interaction, and support the parents in acting as a parent.

Our goal is to clarify the situation and find ways to make a difference with your family. By working together, we can find the strengths and capabilities of your family to make everyday life easier.

Family work may be the answer, for example, in a situation where the family has challenges with the child's growth and development, substance abuse, or health. There may be conflicts between the family members or in the parents' child-raising methods.

Family work is intended for customers of family social work. Your family can become a customer of family social work through the needs assessment for child welfare and special support. Once you are a customer, your personal social worker can suggest the service to you.

What does family work mean in practice?

When we begin family work, we create a plan for what the work includes with your family.  

Work can include guidance, counselling, support, working together and the creation of a model for everyday educational work. Family work also arranges various groups and meetings.

We set up appointments together, and they can take place up to three times per week. If necessary, we can also hold appointments in the evenings and on weekends.

We will also agree on the participants of the meeting together. The appointments can be family, individual or network appointments, either at home or in another place that we agree on. In addition to family members, other people important to the family can also be included.

The duration of family work depends on the family's needs. At the end, we will jointly review our work and create a written summary with feedback. The aim is to move forward. 

Service points

Kallio Family Work service point

Address: Toinen linja 4 A, 00530 Helsinki