Adoption counselling for those considering giving up a child for adoption

You can contact adoption counselling if you are considering giving your child up for adoption

If you are considering giving your child up for adoption, you can come and discuss the matter with a social worker already during your pregnancy. You can also start adoption counselling after the child is born.

During the counselling process, you will have the opportunity to consider different options and get information about all matters relating to adoption.

Seeking adoption counselling does not commit you to a decision but provides an opportunity to consider your situation and options together with a social worker.

You can give your consent to the adoption no sooner than eight weeks after giving birth.

We will select an adoptive family best equipped to care for your child from a pool of adoption applicants.

Adoption counselling is free of charge.

Please contact our social workers with any questions regarding adoption counselling:

Aulikki Haimi-Kaikkonen, tel. +358 9 3104 3006

Maria Jensen, tel. +358 9 3104 3179

Saara Leinonen, tel. +358 9 3104 3657