First appointment at the maternity clinic

This page provides instructions on how to book your first maternity clinic appointment, as well as useful links. 

You are welcome to your first appointment at the maternity clinic once your pregnancy has progressed to weeks 8–10. You can make an appointment immediately after a positive pregnancy test result.  

When you book your first appointment in Maisa, the programme will calculate your pregnancy weeks and suggest appropriate first appointment times based on the start date of your last period.  Please fill in the maternity clinic’s preliminary information form in Maisa before your first appointment.

You can choose if you would rather have your first appointment as a video appointment or if you would like to visit the clinic. The discussion themes of the video appointment and the appointment at the clinic are the same. 

You can start taking a folic acid supplement and vitamin D supplement already before your first appointment.  

Read more about folic acid supplement (THL) (Link leads to external service)

Read more about vitamin D supplement (THL)   (Link leads to external service)  


What happens on your first appointment? 

On your first appointment, you will discuss your state of health, your medical history and factors related to your pregnancy with the nurse. Based on these details, we will tailor your pregnancy monitoring for you. You and your family can decide who will accompany you to your maternity clinic appointments.  

You are entitled to use an interpreter at maternity clinic appointments if your native language is other than Finnish or Swedish. 

On your first appointment, you will receive a referral to early pregnancy laboratory tests at HUSLAB. You will also receive a referral for two ultrasound examinations and a screening for foetal chromosomal abnormalities. These examinations are voluntary.  

The nurse will also assess whether a glucose tolerance test is necessary to screen for gestational diabetes.  

If you are having a child through adoption or as a foster parent, please get in touch with the maternity and child health clinic when the child is moving into your home.   

If you are looking for information on terminating your pregnancy, please get in touch with your local health station. 

How to book your first appointment

You can book an appointment with us in Maisa or by calling us. The services are free of charge.

Book your first appointment in Maisa.  You can also book a video appointment in Maisa.

Go to Maisa(Link leads to external service)


If you have an underlying medical condition, are not sure about your pregnancy weeks, or need an interpreter for your appointment, schedule your first appointment at the clinic. In this case, book your appointment through the maternity and child health clinics’ telephone service  Mon–Fri at 8.00–14.00.  

Call +358 93 105 5530 (Link starts a phone call)



If you have booked a video appointment as your first appointment, please log in to the video appointment through Maisa. We recommend using the Maisa app or Google Chrome browser for video appointments.   

Before the video appointment, you should have your blood pressure and weight measured on a reliable device, for example, at a self-care point of a maternity and child health clinic, family centre or occupational health care provider. In this context, measurements done at home are not accurate enough.  

You can cancel your appointment by phone or in Maisa.

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