Family coaching at the maternity and child health clinic

Family coaching aims to prepare you and your family for childbirth, parenting and caring for your child. The goal is for each family to find its own resources and ways of doing things.

The family coaching at the maternity and child health clinic includes three coaching sessions arranged remotely via Microsoft Teams. In addition to Finnish, coaching sessions 2 and 3 are conducted in Swedish and English.

The theme of the first coaching (from week 16 of pregnancy) is Relationship and sexuality: changes in the relationship brought about by the birth of a baby, emotional and interaction skills, conflict resolution and sexuality during pregnancy and after childbirth.

The theme of the second coaching (from week 25 of pregnancy) is Parenting and the everyday life of a family with a baby: parenting, breastfeeding, and baby care.

The theme of the third coaching (from week 30 of pregnancy) is Childbirth: going to the hospital, stages of childbirth, pain relief, breastfeeding for the first time and puerperium, meaning the period of adjustment after childbirth.

Book a time for coaching in Maisa. You will receive a Microsoft Teams link approximately 1-2 business days before the coaching.

The service is primarily intended for Helsinki residents expecting their first child. If you are giving birth again and want to participate in family coaching, discuss this with your public health nurse.

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