Child welfare after-care social work

Our customers are children and young people whose care or placement lasting over six months has ended.

In after-care social work, we support children and young people after the end of their care or placement lasting over six months.

After-care usually starts after the placement has ended, but it can also begin later. The young person has the right to after-care (in accordance with the Child Welfare Act) for five years after they were last a customer of child welfare or until they reach the age of 23. Before the 2024 amendment, the age limit was 25 years.

However, 23-24-year-olds will continue to receive services from the after-care team until the age of 25 (services in accordance with the Social Welfare Act). For example, they can receive financial assistance and support for independent living, but also round-the-clock service.
At after-care social services, we help with in matters related to housing, livelihood, health, studies, work and independent living, among other thing.

The responsible social worker plans the support the child or young person needs with the person in question and draws up a customer plan. A social counsellor can also work with the child or young person.
The close relatives of the child or young person and their network from, for example, school and health care are welcome to work with us.

The child or young person can contact us on their own to start the service.

At the end of the after-care social work, our social worker can direct the young person to other municipal services.

After-care telephone counselling:
+358 50 4950 750, Mon-Fri 8:15-16

Service points

After-care service point

Address: Sörnäisten rantatie 33, 00500 Helsinki