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Follow-up rehabilitation of Substance Abuse Services

Follow-up rehabilitation supports you when you are further along in your recovery from addiction.

Follow-up rehabilitation of the substance abuse services supports you in building an independent life in a practical and long-term manner. We will help you work out various matters related to everyday life management, housing and livelihood, and can accompany you to, for example, Kela or the TE Office.

During follow-up rehabilitation, we will also focus on vocational rehabilitation. Together we will consider how best to proceed in assessing your ability to work and finding employment or a place to study.

The duration of follow-up rehabilitation is individual. The service is free of charge.

Follow-up rehabilitation of Substance Abuse Services operates at Partnership House Harjula together with the peer support organisation Suojatie ry.

You can make an appointment for follow-up rehabilitation by calling or visiting Partnership House Harjula during its opening hours.

Service points

Puuta esittävä seinämaalaus.

Partnership House Harjula


00500 Helsinki