Service needs assessment and support for families with children

We offer families with children advice, support and help in difficult life situations

If you need help with parenting issues, for example, contact social guidance for families with children.

If your family is in a seriously straining life situation and you think your child and family need support, contact your local service needs assessment unit for families with children.

The following issues may cause severe stress and strain in a family with children:

- parenting challenges

- developmental disorders

- parental exhaustion

- severe interaction issues

- difficult financial situations

- substance abuse

- mental health problems

- violence

- other problems related to everyday life.

The service needs assessment and support unit for families with children provides guidance, advice and immediate help and support. We will comprehensively assess your need for support and services with your family. Our service needs assessment includes 1-5 meetings and takes up to three months.

The service needs assessment process is usually launched as a result of a child welfare notification or other contact in accordance with the Social Welfare Act. Our social worker then estimates whether a service needs assessment will be launched and whether the child's need for special support or child welfare services will also be assessed. We offer children in need of special support the services of family social work.

Outreach work among children and young people is part of our operations. We seek out children and young people in need of support by going to schools and other environments where they spend time. We also do outreach work in the evenings and during weekends. We work in close cooperation with schools, youth work and different organisations, particularly in situations involving bullying or concerns about where a child spends their leisure time and how. We guide any children and young people in need of support and their families to appropriate services.

Service needs assessment units for families with children employ child welfare social workers, social counsellors, family counselling clinic social workers, family counselling clinic psychologists, adult social work social counsellors, and nurses specialising in mental health and substance abuse work.

You can contact us by calling the customer service phone number of your local service needs assessment and support unit for families with children.

-The Kallio unit serves the residents of southern Helsinki.

-The Kallio-Berghäll unit serves southern Helsinki residents and the entire city's Swedish-language residents.

-Itäkatu and Vuosaari units serve the residents of eastern Helsinki.

-The Malmi and Maunula units serve the residents of northern Helsinki.

-The Lassila unit serves the residents of western Helsinki.

Service points

Eastern child welfare, Itäkatu

Address: Tallinnanaukio 1, 00930 Helsinki
Vuosaaren terveys- ja hyvinvointikeskuksen sisäänkäynti.

Eastern child welfare, Vuosaari

Address: Kahvikuja 3, 00980 Helsinki

Northern child welfare, Malmi

Address: Ala-Malmin tori 2, 00700 Helsinki

Northern child welfare, Maunula

Address: Suursuonlaita 1, 00630 Helsinki

Southern child welfare, Kallio

Address: Toinen linja 4 C, 00530 Helsinki

Western child welfare, Lassila

Address: Kaupintie 11, 00440 Helsinki